Electric sonic toothbrush Krexus EX9156

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A beautiful smile is primarily a healthy smile – take care of it with the KREXUS MEDICAL sonic toothbrush



  • 84000 head movements per minute
  • 9 operating modes (3 modes x 3 intensity levels): Clean, White, Massage
  • Battery life after full charge: up to 21 days (when brushing teeth twice a day for 2 minutes).
  • Charging time: 8 hours
  • Li-ion 700mAh battery
  • Water resistance: class IPX7
  • Intelligent timer and brushing time indicator
  • Memory of the last used mode
  • Battery consumption control
  • Indicator for brush head replacement
  • DuPont American bristles - increased density, wear resistance, rounded and safe tips
  • W-shaped brush head with a rubber tongue cleaner
  • 3D diamond shape brush head with an integrated structure that does not use metal
  • Matte, anti-slip finish
  • Charging: USB inductive (no power adapter included)
  • Duration of a single brush head: up to 3 months
  • Package includes: 2 brush heads, inductive USB charger



Our sonic toothbrush is one of the fastest on the market, and the use of pulsating-sweeping movements ensures the best cleaning results, while ensuring the safety of enamel and gums.

PULSATING MOVEMENTS: dynamic movements of the brush head mechanically break up and eliminate plaque and reduce tartar.

SWEEPING MOVEMENTS: according to dentists, these are the most effective method of removing deposits and impurities from teeth, while also being the gentlest, protecting gums and enamel from mechanical damage.

NATURAL WHITENING: the high effectiveness of the brush enables the removal of discolorations and changes the color of the enamel by several tones.



A sonic toothbrush emits high-frequency sound waves that have bactericidal properties and create an active cloud of microbubbles. This increases the cleaning range by up to 6 mm beyond the reach of the bristles.

This way, you can perfectly clean all hard-to-reach areas, such as the spaces between teeth, gum lines, or areas with fixed braces.


The Krexus sonic toothbrush offers you as many as 9 different cleaning combinations. You can choose from 3 operating modes, and each of them can be set to 3 different intensity levels.

CLEAN - the basic cleaning program for daily tooth brushing. It removes plaque, bacteria, and all deposits, preventing the formation of tartar, tooth decay, and gum disease. It also improves gum blood flow.

WHITE - a program for whitening teeth that gently polishes and effectively removes discolorations, spots, and deposits from the enamel surface. Teeth become noticeably whiter, and the smile is full of brightness.

MASSAGE - a program that provides a relaxing massage, improves circulation, and enhances the health of your gums.


Our toothbrush is equipped with two functional timers, which make toothbrushing even easier and more effective.

TIMER: programmed to count down 2 minutes of brushing. According to dentists, this is the optimal time for tooth cleaning, and with our toothbrush, you will use it in the most efficient way.

QUADPACER: a counter that signals every 30 seconds that it is time to clean another quarter of the teeth. Even if your brushing technique is not perfect, you can be sure that your teeth will be evenly and thoroughly cleaned.


The toothbrush is equipped with a USB port, which ensures hassle-free and convenient charging in almost any conditions. That is why the toothbrush is ideal for travel, providing up to 21 days of use on a single charge.

In the set, you also receive an elegant and extremely stable brush holder, which also serves as an inductive charging station. The station instantly recognizes the toothbrush and automatically starts the charging process.

Now you have a fully charged toothbrush at hand at all times!


The toothbrush handle fits perfectly in the hand, is slim, and made of high-quality materials.

The matte finish not only adds an elegant look but also has non-slip properties, making the toothbrush very comfortable to hold and easy to clean.

Our toothbrush is a perfect combination of modern design and full functionality.


The replaceable heads for our toothbrush are equipped with high-density fibers from the renowned American brand DuPont. The use of modern production technology has allowed for perfectly smooth and rounded bristles, ensuring maximum safety during brushing. This way, you can avoid micro-injuries to your gums and stop the process of exposing tooth necks, protecting yourself against periodontitis.


  • perfect for standard cleaning
  • has a wide cleaning surface with a contoured profile, which allows it to cover the entire surface of the tooth and clean it thoroughly
  • reaches far corners of the oral cavity and interdental spaces
  • has rubber elements that provide cushioning and prevent gum damage during excessive brushing of the tooth surfaces
  • rubber elements also aid in cleaning by polishing the surface of the enamel.
  • has a tongue cleaning option, which allows for the removal of the vast majority of bacteria from the oral cavity
  • the head is bent at an angle of 12 degrees, allowing it to reach the most difficult-to-access places


  • up to 90% rounded bristle ends
  • innovative bristle mounting without the use of metal means that the toothbrush head is free of rust, reduces the risk of bacteria growth, is environmentally friendly, and promotes tooth health
  • the unique shape and dense bristles ensure thorough removal of stains and deposits and allow for the restoration of natural tooth whiteness


  • Sonic toothbrush KREXUS EX9156
  • inductive charging station
  • USB cable (without power adapter)
  • 2 replaceable heads
  • instruction manual + warranty card

*replaceable heads are available in our other offers

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