Electrostimulator TENS EMS 60 programs

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The KREXUS electro-stimulator is a high-class medical product that uses the healing properties of electric current, intended for home and professional use - in hospitals, rehabilitation centers or sports clubs.

Our device is modern, handy and extremely effective, thanks to which the use of electrotherapy alone at home is extremely convenient, and most importantly, the treatments can be used without time limits, exactly when you need it, which has a significant impact on the progress in treatment.

Muscle electrostimulation is an innovative, completely safe way to fight pain: muscles, joints, fascia. It is also used as supplementary training or as a rest after sports activities. The principle of operation of the device is based on the imitation of impulses generated by the human body, which are transmitted by electrodes through the skin to nerves or muscle fibers.

Our product is environmentally friendly and complies with the applicable EU regulations - it has a CE 2460 medical certificate and is registered with the Office for Registration of Medical Products and Biocidal Products. 


  • Small compact housing
  • High quality
  • 60 treatment programs with division into body parts
  • 3 stimulation modes:
  • TENS currents - analgesic therapy,
  • EMS currents - muscle strengthening,
  • Massage - EMS relaxing.
  • 40 intensity levels (0-60V).
  • TENS and EMS programs can be individually configured
  • Two independent channels
  • Adjustable treatment time or self-ending
  • Large LCD display
  • Easy, intuitive controls
  • Keypad lock function
  • Open-circuit detection function (automatic reset).
  • Last program run memory function
  • Li-Ion battery [mAh]: 500 - one charge is sufficient for approx. 10 treatments
  • High power output: up to 120mA
  • Convenient charging via micro-USB
  • Standard of electrode connection: pin 2mm
  • Medical certificate - CE 2460
  • Medical device compliant with the directive 93/42 / ECC. 

The KREXUS stimulator is a massage stimulator with two-channel TENS and EMS output. It has three basic functions - TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), EMS (electronic muscle stimulation) and MASSAGE.

The camera has 3 functions and as many as 60 programs:

  • TENS - pain management - 30 programs
  • EMS - muscle electro-stimulator - 27 programs
  • MASS - relaxing massage - 3 programs

Each program controls the generated electrical pulses, their intensity, frequency and pulse width. The intensity of the work of each of the channels can be regulated independently and applied individually to each part of the body. The device can work with four electrodes, which allows you to stimulate a selected group of muscles while using a wide range of standard programs. The electrical impulse is first transmitted to the tissue and then affects the transmission of excitation in the nerves and muscle tissues in individual parts of the body.

Electrotherapy is a great way to:

  • soothe pain in muscles, joints and fasciae
  • release muscle spasm
  • improve blood circulation
  • improve muscle contractility after surgery
  • Nourish damaged muscle groups, eg in rehabilitation after prolonged immobilization
  • support fat burning
  • develop muscle structure
  • support the healing process 


In case of pain, the primary type of stimulation is TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), which provides relief and relieves pain effectively. It is used daily by physiotherapists, caregivers and top athletes around the world, and its effects are clinically proven. High-frequency TENS currents activate the pain-inhibiting mechanisms of the nervous system. Electrical pulses from electrodes placed on the skin above or near the pain area stimulate the nerves to block pain signals being sent to the brain, causing the pain to go unnoticed. Low frequency TENS currents facilitate the release of endorphins, the body's natural painkillers.


Neuromuscular electrostimulation (EMS) is an internationally recognized, non-invasive, non-pharmacological and proven method of treating muscle injuries. It works by sending electronic pulses to the muscle in need of treatment, which causes the muscles to exercise passively. This method is based on the use of a square wave current invented by John Faraday in 1831, which allows it to directly affect muscle motor neurons. The EMS system has a low frequency which, in combination with the square wave, enables direct work on muscle groups. It can be used supportively by athletes in sports training and muscle development. 


The massage program is designed to relieve muscle tension and fatigue, improve the well-being and beauty of the skin, and provide deep relaxation and stress relief. It works great in states of physical fatigue - after a long-term sports effort, as well as mental fatigue - after a hard, stressful day at work. 


  • Set of 4 electrodes 5x5 cm
  • Micro USB cable
  • Set of connection cables
  • User manual
  • Warranty Card
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