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The wireless blackhead remover by KREXUS is characterized by the highest quality of workmanship and effectiveness. We treat our customers with the utmost care, and we put their needs first, which is why the presented product is a perfect combination of good design, quality and functionality.

Regular use of a KREXUS blackhead remover will improve blood circulation in the face and slow down the aging of cells. Treat yourself to high-quality salon-like care and get fresher, healthier and younger-looking skin.

Our product is environmentally friendly and complies with the applicable EU regulations - it has a CE certificate. 


  • Battery capacity (Li-Ion): 500 mAh
  • Interchangeable nozzles: 5 types of suction heads
  • Suction modes: 5 suction power modes
  • Cordless work
  • Intuitive controls - only one button
  • Convenient charging process - USB cable
  • LED display
  • Available colors: white
  • Certification: CE


When you buy our device, you get everything you need to perform the most popular treatments straight from beauty salons in the comfort of your home. Thanks to the vacuum technology, the vacuum cleaner will help you cleanse the skin deeply. Upon contact with the skin, the device creates a vacuum and, with the help of suction, it gently and painlessly cleans pores, blackheads and removes impurities and dead cells. Thanks to the replaceable attachments and the possibility of setting the cleaning intensity, it is suitable for everyone, incl. people with sensitive skin. With our blackhead and blackhead remover you will be able to take care of your skin condition in a safe and comprehensive way.


Our device is the best ally in the fight against skin imperfections. Do you fight blackheads, or maybe your problem is clogged pores or ubiquitous blackheads? With our device, you can remove them in a few minutes, and you can do a professional treatment yourself at home!



By creating a negative pressure, the KREXUS device sucks in the impurities trapped in the pores of the skin. As a result, the complexion becomes brighter, the pores are narrowed, clean and less visible. The action of vacuum on the skin surface improves its tension and blood circulation, and special replaceable pads allow to exfoliate dead epidermis. Among the many great features of the device, we can mention:

  • DEEP CLEANSING OF THE SKIN degreasing the upper layer of the skin and removing dead epidermis cells. The skin becomes silky smooth and toned.

perfectly copes with the so-called blackheads and deeply embedded impurities. The effects are visible and felt immediately.


cleansing the pores reduces the number of blackheads, but also reduces the formation of new ones, inhibiting seborrhea and reducing impurities in the upper layers of the skin.


stimulates the action of microcirculation, supports blood and lymph circulation, allows the skin to renew and become more elastic. It increases skin tension, shapes the face oval and slows down the aging of cells.


makes it possible to cleanse the skin even in hard-to-reach places. 


Large angle head (strong suction)

Intended mainly for the removal of blackheads and blackheads, grease, dust, cosmetic residues, etc. It is not recommended to use on the skin around the eyes. It can be used on rough and wrinkled skin of the face as well as the skin of the entire body, including the elbows.

Medium flat head (medium suction power)

Mainly intended for the removal of blackheads, blackheads and fat.

Silicone head (low suction)

A head with low suction power removes grease, dust, cosmetic residues, etc., intended for normal skin.

Silicone head (low suction)

A head with low suction power removes grease, dust, cosmetic residues, etc., intended for normal skin.

Medium elliptical head (low suction)

This head is intended for daily skin care, e.g. wrinkles in the corners of the eyes and mouth. You can use this head to lift the face from the bottom up. It can be used on the cheeks, corners of the eyes, nostrils, etc. 


Step 1: Charge the device before first use.

Step 2: Thoroughly cleanse the skin before the treatment, then open the pores by making a "sausage" or taking a warm bath.

Step 3: Select a head suitable for the area you want to treat. Turn on the device and select the appropriate power level. If you are unsure which power level is right for you, start with the lowest power level and gradually increase it as needed.

Step 4: Place the device on the selected area of skin and make slow circular movements with it to remove blackheads and blackheads. Do not use the device at one point for more than 2 seconds. Remember to constantly move the device over the skin, do not return to places that have already been cleaned, but continue the treatment on further parts of the skin.

Step 5: After you've finished cleansing your pores, skin toning is needed to close the enlarged pores. You can also use a facial mask or cool water, followed by a moisturizing cream. 


  • skin diseases, dermatitis, skin allergies or severe sunburn
  • skin damage, eczema or swelling
  • during convalescence after medical procedures in the area of the face
  • mucous membranes and other sensitive areas

Find out how many advantages this multifunctional product has:

  • Easy to use - you can easily perform treatments in the comfort of your home
  • Painless - use does not cause unpleasant, painful sensations, after the treatments you can immediately return to your daily activities
  • Compact - thanks to its small size you can always have it with you
  • Easy to clean - each handpiece is easy to remove and clean. The filter sponge effectively prevents dirt and keratin from getting inside the device
  • Widely used in skin care - various tips are used and the possibility of adjusting the suction power helps to achieve various effects of the treatment
  • Versatility of operation - treatments can be performed on different parts of the body, depending on the needs
  • High efficiency - thanks to the use of various tips and the regulation of the suction force, you can achieve more spectacular effects than performing manual treatments


The device is light and fits perfectly in the hand. It is equipped with a high-quality integrated Li-Ion battery with inductive charging via a USB cable. The vacuum cleaner has an LED display that provides a preview of the power level and at the same time warns about the need to recharge. The KREXUS facial vacuum cleaner is made in white, complemented by elegant elements in metallic silver.


  • EX9154 electric blackhead and blackhead remover
  • 5 interchangeable heads
  • power cord
  • instruction manual in Polish
  • original packaging
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